The Møller Collection

The Møller Collection comprises approximately 1000 photographs in both black and white and color. The earliest photographs date back to the 1850s, while the most recent ones were printed as recently as yesterday. The collection offers a comprehensive historical insight into photography as a medium, featuring works from Norwegian and international photographers.

Harald Møller's personal interest in photography, along with Aars' enduring passion for photography as a medium of communication, has resulted in a significant commitment to the collection. And the Møller Collections has also garnered the attention and engagement of employees across our companies.

Our ambition for the Møller Collection is to increase understanding and knowledge of photography as a form of documentation and art. We actively utilize the collection in our communication efforts. A dedicated photography group assesses new acquisitions and strategies, and we undertake continuous and long-term work to develop the collection.

If you want to learn more about the Møller Collection please do not hesitate to contact us.

Nina Sørlie

Nina Sørlie er kurator for Møllersamlingen og kjenner samlingen godt. Her avbildet i forbindelse med fotofestivalen Oslo Negativ (Foto: Ranvei Lie, The Oslo Way)