Gym 6

Gym 6, 2021

Hilde Honerud

Archival print. 50 x 40 cm. Ed. 1/5.

@Hilde Honerud

Om fotografen

Hilde Honerud, artist and photographer, she has produced a large number of exhibitions, seminars and publications in recent years. In 2018 she received the honor of county artist in Buskerud, Norway. She is an associate professor at University of South-Eastern Norway.In her works, Hilde Honerud connects the ponderous, the political and the ordinary together into one tale. She is occupied with the relationship between form and content, the space between what is visible and what is being told. Typical of her work is that she upholds the importance of spending enough time to get close to a sense of experience and reality. Often, her images can be seen as if they are taken after the other cameras are turned off.
Hilde Honerud